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Family and Consumer Science related projects in Logan County are a great way to develop new skills, friendships, and lifelong knowledge. Below is a list of all the fun and engaging projects we have to offer.


Create something amazing in ceramics. 6 Units are available to develop your skills. Unit 1 – Glazes; Unit 2 – Underglazes; Unit 3 – Overglazes; Unit 4 – Unfired Finishes; Unit 5 – Porcelain Dolls; Unit 6 – Hand Constructed Stoneware


Are you an Intermediate or Senior who is looking to catalog your favorite memories? Join scrap-booking! With a unit for both Intermediate and Seniors, you’ll have a great time with this project.

Cake Decorating

Do you love decorating cakes as much as you love eating them? Then Cake Decorating is for you! With 12 units, you will have the freedom to grow your skills and create tasty, but beautiful cake displays. Unit 1 – Edible Decorations; Unit 2 – Single Layer with Tips; Unit 3 – Double Layer with Tips; Unit 4 – Character Cakes; Unit 5 – Small Treats; Unit 6 – Cut-Up Cakes; Unit 7 – Flower Power; Unit 8 – Fondant; Unit 9 – Flower Power 2; Unit 10 – Tiered Cakes; Unit 11 – Molds; Unit 12 – Advanced Cakes-Sr. Only

Clothing Construction

Have you ever lost a button off your shirt? Stepped on the bottoms of those long pants? Or dreamed of wearing a lavish gown? Then sewing is for you! These basic life skills we need to learn come in 5 units. Unit 1-3 – Clothing Construction; Unit 7 – Sewing for Others; Unit 8 – Recycled Clothing

Artistic Clothing

Mastered the art of basic sewing? Enjoy making your basic clothes a little snazzier? Then pick up a treat and needle for artistic clothing. This project has 3 units. Decorate Your Duds; Unit 5 – Creative Sewing; Unit 7 – Create Your Own Buymanship Project (Online Only).

Foods and Nutrition

What better skill to have than learning to cook? This project provides you lessons on nutrition, food prep, food safety, party planning and much more. This project had 4 units. Unit 1 – Cooking 101; Unit 2 – Cooking 201; Unit 3 – Cooking 301; Unit 4 – Cooking 401

Specialty Foods

Do you love tasting foods from other countries? Or enjoy cooking on an open flame in the great outdoors? Then you will love Specialty Foods. This project had 3 units. Unit 25 – Outdoor Cooking and Living; Unit 30 – Cultural and Ethnic Foods; Unit 35 – Passport to Foreign Cookery

Food Preservation

Preserve your own delicious jerky, fruit, vegetables and so much more in Food Preservation. 4 Units will help you master this valuable craft. Unit 40 – Drying; Unit 41 – Freezing; Unit 42 – Boiling Water Canning; Unit 43 – Pressure Canning

Heritage Arts

Learn to make beautiful, hand-crafted items that will be a keepsake for you and your family. Heritage Arts offers the following projects: Crochet; Knitting; Quilting Units 1-4; Miscellaneous Fiber; Miscellaneous Non-Fiber

Home Design and Decor

Are you a bit of an HGTV fanatic? Do you love creating decorative pieces and household items? Home Design and Decor will give you the skills to create amazing pieces for your home and room. Units 1-4 will help you develop your interior design skills.